18k Stainless Steel Grillz vs 14k Gold Plated Grillz

Here at Custom Gold Grillz, we offer both 18k gold stainless steel PVD-plated grillz and 14k electroplated grillz. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages in price and durability.

What are 18k Stainless Steel Grillz?

Our Plated Line of grillz is made from stainless steel plated using a special physical vapor deposition coating (PVD) method. This is a fancy way of describing a process that involves blasting metal with other metals in order to create a bond that preserves the 18k gold plating. The end result of this process is high-quality stainless steel grillz that are tarnish-free! This allows us to offer our gold-plated and gold plated grillz at an affordable price and still be extremely durable and long-lasting.

What is 14k Gold Plated Grillz?

Our 14k gold grillz electroplated with real gold, offers a cheaper alternative than PVD plated grillz that still look great. Both of these processes are still a cheaper alternative than solid gold Grillz. PVD is actually more of a process than a material. Gold-filled material is produced by pressure and heat bonding brass to a layer of gold alloy and drawing it into wire or rolling it into a sheet of the required thickness. Modern PVD processes can be effective and achieve good results, but they depend in great measure upon certain details such as the material that is being blasted.

Differences between the 18k and 14k Plated Grillz

PVD gold vs gold electroplating jewelry and teeth differs in the fact that while PVD is a coating, plating covers steel with gold plated over it. Gold electroplating consists in passing an electric current through a gold plating solution in order to deposit a gold layer on the desired object. The layer of gold can vary in thickness, but it is usually measured in microns.

A good gold-plated process can make low-cost jewelry or teeth look more like solid gold than PVD coating. However, over time scratches can wear the gold plating down and reveal the base metal. For this reason, people often prefer PVD gold coatings for durability. They can offer more longevity but are more expensive to apply. A good PVD gold coating can be made from a thin layer of gold on top of a layer of titanium nitride for durability, and a base of steel.

How Much Do 14k and 18k Gold Grillz Cost?

Cost comparison for PVD gold vs gold electroplating jewelry and teeth depends on the design and the thickness desired. The durability of a layer of gold can be improved by increasing the hardness and it is mostly dependent on the thickness of the layer. At Custom Gold Grillz we work hard to ensure you have the best quality grillz at a reasonable price range. Choose our cheaper 14k gold grillz if you’re interested in having a nice pair of grillz for special occasions. Choose our PVD-plated gold grillz if you’re serious about having a durable pair of grillz without breaking the bank. If you want a pair that will last as long as a 2Pack K9 Set would last, try one of our Bridge Grillz Set

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