How much does grillz cost?

We commonly get asked how much grillz cost. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact number. The price of grillz depends on many factors such as the type of grill, materials, and extras such as 2pack k9 sets,bridge grillz set,top & bottom grillz sets. We don’t charge extra for different colors of gold such as yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. If you’re looking to get a quote for a custom piece, contact us with your idea or a picture of your design and if we can do it, we’ll work with you to get it done.

Why is there so much of a difference in the pricing?

The simple answers to this question are the materials and the complexity of the piece. The more exotic and rare the materials, the more expensive the grill is. The more complex the design is, the more labor is required to make the piece, and the more expensive the process becomes. A perfect example of this would be Katy Perry’s grill which is encrusted with diamonds and precious gemstones for a price tag in the 1 million dollar range.

What are the most popular styles and materials?

Looking at our products and can’t decide what to buy? Everyone has their own style, but if you want to see what other people wear or get inspiration from their style, we’re here to break down some of our most popular styles. Let’s start off with our diamond pieces. Popularized by Johnny Dang and Paul Wall back in the mid-2000s, grillz set with diamonds has easily become one of our most popular styles. A lot of our customers order our bust down CZ grillz with either sterling silver or 10K white gold since they strike a good balance between shine, durability, and price. While the straight setting may be cheaper than the zigzag setting, we are able to pack more stones on each tooth using a zigzag setting to give the grill a true bust down look. Another popular custom grill style for people who are on a tighter budget or don’t like ice is our solid-style gold grillz. These have a base of solid 10K, 14K, or 18K Gold and are made based on an impression of your teeth for a custom fit. Without the stones, these slugs are a great classic and timeless design for those looking to add some shine to their smile.

How Much Do 14k and 18k Gold Grillz Cost?

You get real 18K gold which is plated over a stainless steel grill using advanced IP plating techniques for a great-looking grill that will last for years. If you have the money to step it up to the next level, we highly recommend you move up to a custom-fitted grill. Because that custom gold grillz are made of solid 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, you can be sure that they will never fade or tarnish. Basically, you’re looking at around $399 to $599 and up for 14K and 18K Gold Grillz.

Should I get an iced grill?

Our recommendation for an iced grill depends on what your budget is and how much ice you’re looking to get.

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